Alcatraz is perhaps one of the most famous prisons in America. While you can take a tour of this prison today, you can also experience what it’s like to break out of jail when you visit the Alcatraz escape room at Trapped Escape Game in Nashville. Book your adventure today!


You know that escape rooms are fun, but did you know they also offer great health benefits? If you’re surprised to hear this, then you’ll definitely want to keep reading to learn more about the great ways you can boost your mental, physical, and emotional health by participating with friends and family in an escape room. At Trapped Escape Game, we offer two convenient locations in Nashville and Pigeon Forge so you can participate in an escape...


The zombie apocalypse could happen at any moment, and the last thing that you want is to find yourself completely unprepared for everything that lies ahead. From having the skills that you need to stay alive to the defense tactics needed to take on a zombie, there are so many things that you can do to ensure you and your closest group of friends are prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Here at...

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Asylums are often the focal point of many haunted houses, horror movies, and terrifying television shows. With asylums and mental institutions as a whole being a thing of the past, it’s this horrific representation that most people associate with asylums.

Though mental hospitals are generally talked about in regards to horror and scary settings, this was not what these institutes were intended to be. In today’s blog, the team at...


When it comes to organized crime, there’s one name that most everybody will know: Al Capone. Here at Trapped Escape Game, we know a thing or two about the story of Al Capone, and we wanted to share a little bit about this mobsters history with you.


Alcatraz is known for housing some of America’s worst criminals. This federal prison is located on Alcatraz island, in the bay alongside San Francisco. While Alcatraz is a prison that just about everyone has heard of, it was only open for roughly 30 years. With that being said, from 1934 to 1963, when this federal prison was open, it was only the most dangerous of criminals that were kept here. Some of the most notable criminals included...


Trapped Escape Game in Nashville and Pigeon Forge wants to bring our customers the thrill of living in someone else’s shoes during some of the most heart-pounding moments of their life. Four of our escape rooms will give you just that, bringing you on an adventure back in time and simulating life or death situations that could’ve really happened.

Our new escape games, featuring Al Capone, The Bellevue Psychiatric Asylum, Alcatraz, and...


Being a relatively new concept, a lot of people still don’t have much of an idea about what escape games are or if they’ll like them. An original concept dating to 2006, no other game has all the elements of an escape room, but there are a few things with similarities.

Escape games are really all about adventure, but it's an adventure that tests you in a combination of ways. At Trapped Escape Game, in Nashville and Pigeon Forge, we aim...


There are lots of different types of people in the world, and to have a good escape game team you’ll need to have some diversity as well. When teammates work well together and compliment each other’s traits, they’re more likely to make it through the escape game.

We’ve seen many different players pass through our doors at the Trapped Escape Game in Pigeon Forge and we’ve learned a few things. Here are some examples of the common types...


In today’s modern world, most of us never get a chance to discover how we’d react in a high-intensity situation. Would you be the type who crumbles under pressure, would your set of skills help your family or team survive, or would you be the one to take the lead and get everyone out to safety? The Trapped Escape Game gives you the chance to find out.

After building our first location in Pigeon Forge, the Trapped Escape Game team has...


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