4 Common Things You'll Find In An Escape Room

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Trapped Escape Game is the local provider of immersive, pulse-pounding, escape room games in Nashville and Pigeon Forge. Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve made it out of many escape rooms, you're sure to love your experience at Trapped Escape Game. Read on to learn more about four common things you’ll find in an escape room, and contact us today to book your adventure.

Close up of a crossword puzzle with a wooden pencil sitting on top of it.

Math/Crossword Puzzles

Sharpen your pencils, because you’ll need to solve some math problems and crossword puzzles to advance through your escape game. Every scenario at Trapped Escape Game will require you and your team to put your heads together to crack the codes and puzzles that stand between you and freedom.

 Two ropes tied together to form a complex knot.

Physical Puzzles

When you enter an escape room, it’s important to remember that everything in the room is there for a reason. Assess your environment carefully and look for items that are out of place or oddly positioned. Without giving away any of our secrets, some examples of physical puzzles could include undoing complex knots or moving items to reveal hidden clues.

A neon sign displaying the text “Escape Rooms”

Lights & Sounds

Once you’ve entered one of our escape rooms, you need to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Look around the room for differences in lighting or other visual cues that could reveal something about the environment. Misdirection is common, so pay as much attention to where lights aren’t shining as you do to where they are, and use your flashlight if you’re provided with one. Audio cues are just as important, so take note of any noises you hear and the direction they are coming from. If music comes into play at any point, pay attention to the lyrics and start brainstorming ideas with your group.

An old book fanned open to reveal its pages.

Hidden Objects

Finding hidden objects is one of the most fundamental aspects of escape room experiences. It’s unlikely that your first clue will be conveniently laid out for you as soon as you enter the room. You will have to inspect all of the furniture and other objects before you to look for hidden objects and clues. The key here is to be thorough. For example, if you’re searching through a book shelf and you find something notable, don’t stop there! Check every nook and cranny of the shelf to see if there are any more secrets to be discovered.

Are you ready to put you and your crew to the test? Trapped Escape Game provides mind-bending, pulse-pounding escape room adventures in Nashville and Pigeon Forge. Visit our website to learn more, and contact us today to book your next adventure!

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