4 Escape Games with a Deadly Past

Trapped Escape Game in Nashville and Pigeon Forge wants to bring our customers the thrill of living in someone else’s shoes during some of the most heart-pounding moments of their life. Four of our escape rooms will give you just that, bringing you on an adventure back in time and simulating life or death situations that could’ve really happened.

Our new escape games, featuring Al Capone, The Bellevue Psychiatric Asylum, Alcatraz, and old man Ramsey’s cabin, are all steeped in history. Each gives you the chance to be a criminal on the run or someone trying to escape from cruel captors. These adventures will push you to the limit to see if your escape room skills cut it in the most intense moments of America’s sometimes scary past.


Escape Room Adventures of a Scary Past

Our new escape rooms offer a bit of reality, fiction, and mystery all rolled into one. Bellevue drops you into a historic institution that detained people in good mental health and conducted human experimentation. On Alcatraz, you’ll make one of the most mysterious escapes in the history of the U.S. Al Capone is hot on your tail in one of our other escape rooms, as you’ll get to know the experience of having one of Chicago’s most dangerous men bearing down on you. Finally, the last of our new escape rooms features the horror of old man Ramsey coming for the thieves that are after his treasure.

Haunted Cabin Escape Room — During the years of prohibition, producing alcohol became like the gold rush for men like old man Ramsey, who made his fortune from deep in the Smoky Mountains. While the men earned a lot of money, they took more than their fair share of risks to get it. Moonshiners were under fire from the law and the competition alike. Often they went to extreme measures to hide both their means of production and the money that came with it, and it was no different for old man Ramsey. After years of moonshining, old man Ramsey suddenly disappeared. Though the money and stills he made were never found either, rumors swirled that they’re still on the property somewhere, not too far from Pigeon Forge or Nashville.

Today, legend has it that old man Ramsey’s ghost returns to his cabin on the hour, to haunt those that attempt to steal his fortune. Will you find his treasure before old man Ramsey returns?

Asylum Escape Room — The history of Bellevue hospital and it’s psychiatric facility is a mixed but disturbing one. Reports of abuse in the hospital ran rampant. Human experimentation was commonplace and even validated under the guise of medical advancement. Whatever way you spin it, poor people and immigrants were exposed to excruciating procedures with the hope that doctors knew what they were doing. Bellevue does have a long history of pushing medical advancements, but this has been driven by the stocking of patients with hard to cure diseases. When it comes to the psychiatric unit, Bellevue may not have been treating their subjects for anything at all. A participant in the Rosenhan experiment, the findings of the Rosenham experiment showed that the hospitals involved were quick to label anyone who was admitted with psychiatric problems, even those with no prior mental health problems.

In this escape room, you’ll try to infiltrate Bellevue as one of those sane people. You’ve come to find the doctors’ records and to prove what’s really going on at Bellevue. Can you make it out before you become the next experiment?

Alcatraz Escape Room — Well known for being one of the most brutal and hard to escape prisons in U.S. history, Alcatraz saw some of the most hardened criminals alive in its roughly 30 years of operation as a federal prison. Before then, the island was a military outpost, built to protect the San Francisco bay from attacks and outfitted with over a hundred cannons. However, even before the U.S. military claimed the island for itself, Native Americans would send wrongdoers and outcasts to the island, where it was said that spirits would haunt them. Before that? Who knows, but the spirits had to come from somewhere, right?

In the Alcatraz Escape room, you’ll be immersed in an adventure into the dark past of the island as Frank Morris, one of the last men to try to escape Alcatraz. Frank’s body was never found. Did he make it out or did he come to rest in the frigid waters surrounding Alcatraz? Use the tools provided to make your escape, and you can determine that for yourself.

Capone Escape Room — Chicago’s most notorious gangster, Al Capone actually grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Capone quickly started to move up the ladder in New York after quitting school at 14, behind some of the most powerful gangsters of the time. Just before Capone was 21, he, his child, and wife were sent to Chicago for their own protection after Capone almost killed a member of a rival street gang.

By the time Capone was 26, he was basically the czar of Chicago crime, running the city and many outposts around the country. Now, in 1937, Capone is firmly entrenched as one of the country’s most dangerous men, and you’re accused of being an informant to the FBI. Captured, and with only an hour until he arrives, you need to make your escape or face the wrath of Capone.


Step Into A Historic Adventure With Trapped Escape Game

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