Do You Have What It Takes to Escape?

In today’s modern world, most of us never get a chance to discover how we’d react in a high-intensity situation. Would you be the type who crumbles under pressure, would your set of skills help your family or team survive, or would you be the one to take the lead and get everyone out to safety? The Trapped Escape Game gives you the chance to find out.

After building our first location in Pigeon Forge, the Trapped Escape Game team has opened a second location in Nashville, where you and your family, friends, or co-workers can find out what each person brings to the table. Our adventures aren’t just fun, but they also test your mind and fortitude in a pressure-filled situation.

At Trapped Escape Game, you’ll learn things about yourself and your teammates that you couldn’t anywhere else. To get you started, here are a few things your team will need to make your escape.


Critical Thinking Skills

This one is, well, critical. A Trapped Escape Game is all about finding the clues you need and solving the puzzles within the room. This will require not only a good set of eyes, but an ability to identify associations as well. Certain items in the room will need to be organized and kept in mind if you’re going to solve the puzzles and make it out.

There will be tips and hints given both by the game master and within the room itself. Whether or not you catch on to these tips will help determine if you can make the escape. This is a good test of who on your team has the power of observation, as well as who can make the best use of their knowledge when time is of the essence.


If you’re coming into this cold, not really knowing who the leader of your team is, this part of the game might help you out. Many of the teams that don’t escape their room don’t make it because they lack organization and get caught up in the same task or clue.

To make it out, you’ll need to scour the room for clues and prioritize certain activities. Sometimes this means putting things to the wayside that are ultimately just distractions. It takes a keen mind to determine which activities aren’t going to get you out. If you don’t have a team member who can make these calls effectively without stepping on the toes of other teammates, then you might be trapped.


In one of our escape rooms, you’re only as good as your team. Arguing in the escape room will only stall you, if not move you backward. Trusting your teammates and their skills is very important. When people don’t trust their teammates it results in key clues being missed, extra time and manpower on individual puzzles, and general misgivings about whether the team is getting closer to their escape.

The room will test that trust and give you an idea of how your team will work together when the chips are down in the real world.

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