Escape Room Tips And Tricks

When you enter one of our horror-themed escape rooms at Trapped Escape Game, you’ll need to be prepared for any puzzle, riddle, or fright if you hope to escape on time!



If you are attending an escape room party with your friends or family, the first step is finding a team of people to take on the challenge with that you can communicate. In each escape room, you will be racing against the clock to find clues and hints. You will want whoever joins you to be on their a-game. Regardless of how everyone's skill set will contribute to the overall success of your escape room experience, communication will increase your chances.

Create a game plan before arriving and relay any clues or information to the entire team, so everyone has a clear picture of how to proceed. Good communication can make or break your chances of escaping on time. With the mind-bending puzzles you will face in our escape rooms, such as our Haunted Cabin or Asylum rooms, you will need to keep the discourse flowing from start to finish to succeed.



Some clues will be easier to discover and understand than others. In all of our challenging escape rooms, you will find that spending your time wisely and being mindful of the clock is crucial. When you begin, discuss how to spend your time efficiently. If one person has attempted to solve a puzzle for 10 minutes without success, it may be time for someone else to take a turn with it. You will not want to spend too much time on any one portion of the challenge. Our escape rooms are designed to be solved in 60 minutes, but with the eerie atmosphere of rooms like Alcatraz and Apocalypse, you can’t let the fear throw you off your game plan if you wish to escape.


Start the Game With All the Information Possible

Each of our challenging escape rooms has a unique horror theme. Our Haunted Cabin escape room will prompt you to discover a hidden legacy while avoiding an angry ghost, while our Captured escape room will challenge you to escape from Al Capone’s capture. For all escape rooms, the general rules remain the same. When choosing an escape room during our reservation process, read all the details about your mission. Listen closely to the story and make note of details given by our friendly staff before starting the game.

Ensure that your team understands the overarching concepts and themes all escape rooms will play on. You may discover a clue written in another language, but you won’t need to speak the language to solve the puzzle. Being able to pick up hints from our employees and characters as they set the scene of your adventure for you may give you an advantage during your start. Knowing the ins and outs of escape rooms and beginning your race against the clock with as much information as possible will help you escape before time runs out.


Stay Determined

Our escape rooms in Nashville and Pigeon Forge range in difficulty so that your escape room party can find a theme well suited to your experience level and the challenge you are up for. Every minute counts as you hone your attention to detail and problem-solve puzzles, so it’s important to keep the attitude in the room positive and stay determined to make the most of your time. Most importantly, Trapped Escape Game wants you to have a blast while you are with us!


Each of our fun escape rooms will test different skills and require you to give it your all. Knowing the best tips and tricks for making it out on time will help you play your best game at the best challenging escape rooms in Tennessee!

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