To date, there hasn’t been a prison that can contain you. As a repeat offender and intermittent prisoner, you’ve managed to outwit them all, however, you haven’t managed to maintain your freedom for long. Once again, you’ve been apprehended. This time, they’re not taking any chance that you’ll escape. You, Frank Morris, are now incarcerated at one of the world’s most infamous prisons as inmate AZ-1441. Nicknamed The Rock, Alcatraz remains an inescapable fortress where the world’s most hardened criminals face the prospect of death behind these bars. But you’ve got a plan.

After six months of careful and deliberate scheming and preparation, your plan is set in motion. If all goes as it should, by morning you’ll be a free man. But it’s going to take patience, creativity, intelligence and courage to pull off what would be the most daring escape on record. Are you truly ready?

With just 54 percent of visitors being able to escape The Rock without being caught or meeting their final end, the Alcatraz Escape is one of our most popular and intriguing games. Your group of four has just one hour to complete the task to enjoy your freedom.

(Unfortunately, the Alcatraz game is not currently accessible by wheelchair.)