Operating what is arguably one of the most twisted and cruel mental institutions in the country, the “doctors” at the asylum are rumored to conduct human experiments on wrongly committed patients. Do you have what it takes to outsmart the mad geniuses who run the asylum?

Your mission is to expose the demented staff for their wrongdoings by finding the doctors’ secret patient records before risking your own freedom — or losing your stable mind. With teamwork, creativity and a touch of madness, you’ll be able to stop the unhinged medical staff and close the asylum once and for all.

You have just one hour to solve the mind-bending riddles or risk having your name added to the long list of tormented patients of the asylum. Hurry, your sanity depends on it.

With only 29 percent of game participants being able to solve the riddle, the asylum escape game remains one of our most challenging, resulting in unexpected outcomes and delightfully odd surprises. It’s recommended that you employ the help of at least three others to increase your chances.

Do you think you can manipulate the outcome to your advantage? Book now to find out.