Match Wits With Notorious Gangster Scarface in the Capone Escape Room!

It’s 1937 and Chicago is being run, not by the police or the politicians, but by the notorious gangster Al Capone. In fact, since most of the police force is on his payroll, lawlessness is the rule, not the exception. Somehow, you have been falsely accused of being an FBI informant, and Capone’s henchmen have kidnapped you and are holding you captive in his apartment until he can return to settle the score. Time is not your side, so hurry up and figure out how you’re going to escape before Scarface returns!

Trapped Escape Game in Nashville and Pigeon Forge

There are many fun things to do and see in Tennessee, but nothing is quite as fun as successfully matching wits with one of our five escape rooms! We offer different themes and levels of difficulty to provide fun for everyone. Check out the different rooms:

  1. Dead Zone
  2. Asylum
  3. Alcatraz
  4. Capone
  5. Haunted Cabin

Choose the escape room you want and book your reservation at the location that is more convenient for you!