You thought you were in. You thought you’d passed the test. You even thought you were considered a trusted part of the “family.” You thought erroneously, my friend.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what went awry or who ratted you out. You’ve gotten the attention of the wrong guys and they’re sure you’re a snitch. Whether it’s true you’re a police informant or not, Capone has gotten word and he’s not happy about it. Coming to pay you a not-so-friendly visit, Scarface and his goons are apt to settle the score in true mob fashion, and you know what that means. Unless you can find your way out, you’re likely to be sleeping with the fishes by the time the sun rises.

Can you avoid the wrath of the Big Guy? Solve the clues to ensure you’re not next on the list to be sized for concrete shoes. You’ve got just one hour before Capone shows his mug and makes you an example. It’s your only chance.

Those avoiding Capone’s revenge have only succeeded 56 percent of the time. Unfortunately, the Capone Escape game is not currently accessible to those in wheelchairs.

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