Things just got frighteningly real. Though you’ve managed to survive almost 200 days since the outbreak, you’re out of food and almost out of friends. Many of them have been infected and now seek your human flesh. Since going solo in a world where the undead freely roam is not an option, it is imperative your group finds a way to rendezvous with the last of the rescue helicopters.

Taking the living to an undisclosed safe haven, each helicopter promises protection from flesh-eating zombies, but to meet up with the rescue team, your group must decipher a set of increasingly difficult clues. The clues will give you the coordinates of the next, and final, pickup location. But you only have one hour or you’ll be left behind.

Appropriate for ages 10 and up, the Dead Zone escape game is one of our most entertaining and bewildering challenges, with only 34 percent surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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