How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Okay, it’s not really the zombie apocalypse, but our Dead Zone escape room is sure to challenge your critical thinking skills, your ability to work with a team, and your tolerance for working under the clock. It’s been 197 days since the outbreak and terror has taken over. You are out of food and most of your friends have either been infected or disappeared. Your group is the last small portion of the human population to survive the infection and must work together to escape the dead zone. There is one last helicopter flying over to rescue your group if you can make it to the pick-up zone in 60 minutes or less. Miss the chopper — miss out on your last chance at survival.

Your Escape Room Choice in Tennessee

At Trapped Escape Game, we are proud to offer five different escape rooms to appeal to a variety of interests. With varying degrees of difficulty, you’re sure to find the one you want. Check out the different escape rooms we offer:

  1. Dead Zone
  2. Asylum
  3. Alcatraz
  4. Capone
  5. Haunted Cabin

Choose the theme you want, and book your adventure at the location that is more convenient for you in Nashville or Pigeon Forge. You’re sure to love your time at Trapped Escape Game!