Haunted Cabin Escape Room in Pigeon Forge

Old man Ramsey may be long dead, but he’s not gone — not by any means! In fact, his ghost comes back every hour to protect the moonshine recipe, still, and fortune that he left at his cabin. As a notorious moonshiner during Prohibition, he made a vast fortune from his product. If you think you’ll be successful at looting his legacy, you’ll have to get his secret recipe, his still, and his fortune before his ghost returns. Who knows? If you escape the Haunted Cabin, you just might become the next notorious moonshiner!

Trapped Escape Room in Tennessee

We provide a variety of themed escape rooms and varying levels of difficulty so that everyone can find an escape room to enjoy. Check out our five escape rooms:

  1. Dead Zone
  2. Asylum
  3. Alcatraz
  4. Capone
  5. Haunted Cabin

Once you’ve found the right challenge for you, be sure to book your adventure at the location that is more convenient for you.